Hack-O-Lantern aka Halloween Night aka Death Mask (1988)

directed by jag mundhra spencer films WHAT to say about this affair, other than that it’s off the charts in terms of unintentional hilarity. Although crammed full of cinematic signifiers – by which I mean events and occurrences happening only because a movie is being filmed – there’s so much more to it than shadings … Continue reading Hack-O-Lantern aka Halloween Night aka Death Mask (1988)

Halloween (2018)

DIRECTED BY DAVID GORDON GREEN BLUMHOUSE PRODUCTIONS/MIRAMAX/TRANCAS INTERNATIONAL FILMS/ROUGH HOUSE PICTURES/UNIVERSAL Okay, look, I don’t particularly care that they’ve rejiggered the canon so this is the “sequel” to the 1978 original; it may as well be considered the true successor to Rob Zombie’s 2007 reboot for as much cachet as that accords it. “Michael Myers” … Continue reading Halloween (2018)

Bats (1999)

directed by louis morneau destination films A typically dunderheaded nature horror predicated on an “accident,” this flick features not one believable element. You will not believe that Dina Meyer’s character is a bat expert with a Ph.D., you will not believe that Lou Diamond Phillips makes a creditable sheriff, “Leon” doesn’t even always seem to … Continue reading Bats (1999)