The Redeemer: Son of Satan aka Class Reunion Massacre (1978)

directed by constantine s. gochis
enterprise pictures limited

If you try, you can find the claim that this chunk of tripe was a precursor to the slasher craze or some such nonsense. What it IS is a convoluted bit of inanity that doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t really bother to try.

  1. There’s no “class reunion” as such, and it would be a stretch to call what occurs a “massacre”
  2. I don’t recall “Satan” being involved in any way
  3. Whatever “redeeming” may be in the offing is rendered somewhat inconsequential by the fact that what is happening is incomprehensible

The action comprises mainly contrived murders of characters that are sometimes difficult to identify, their relation to the story arc uncertain. Mix in a flashback here and there, intercut with a doomsday preacher, and so on and so on. Oh, and do NOT forget the supernatural (diabolical?) element. Precursor to the rise of the Slasher, or imitation giallo – your call!

why did i watch this movie?

I was expecting a class reunion massacre, perhaps with a twisted psychotic and some ’70s flair. Plus, I had never heard of it and it had an alluring title.

should you watch this movie?

If you are interested in tracing the process by which too many concepts can be combined into a movie that is both dull and silly, then I suppose so, yes.

Highlight and low point

The second or third murder (the first or second pertaining to the “reunion”) is thrillingly absurd in method or manner of death; the fact that I was not sure which character was being killed was a bonus. The last of the pertinent murders is almost equally absurd, but the identity of the character suffering it is not in question.

rating from outer space: D

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