The Void (2016)

directed by steven kostanski and jeremy gillespie
cave painting pictures

The trailer for this movie made it look SO good that little likelihood existed for it to live up to the promise, but with that being said, The Void was still well above average. A look at one man’s experimental approach to an afterlife, wrapped in a siege flick, it disappointed me a bit in that at a certain point the threat of zombie archetypes loomed. That fate was avoided, and its metaphysical mumbo-jumbo also saved it to a degree. Certainly a suspenseful movie, I must detract a few points for evoking reminiscences of Jacob’s Ladder, and also for reminding me a bit too much of the Thomas Tessier novel Finishing Touches. It is, however, entirely possible it purposely provoked such meditations.

why did i watch this movie?

My brother texted me a link to the trailer, and I was sold.

should you watch this movie?

With the caveat that the second half didn’t deliver enough of a payoff for my tastes, yeah, I could recommend that. It is an entertaining enterprise, for sure.

highlight and low point

Suspenseful frights abound, and a high WTF factor carries the momentum. My quibbles about certain revelations along the way may be peculiar to me, but I was hoping for something a little less … fantastical, I guess.

rating from outer space: b+

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