New Year’s Evil (1980)

directed by emmett alston
golan-globus productions

Oh, man! In an earlier review I made a crack about Cannon Films, the purveyors of all sorts of cinematic treasures, and this masterpiece is from that very production studio’s defining era, when it was helmed by Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus! Imagine my delight! All right, I’ll settle down. This film, however, does possess all the hallmarks of its progenitors’ stable. It’s got replacement-level actors, including the tastefully named “Kip Niven” and the woman who played Pinky Tuscadero on Happy Days (Roz Kelly, for you trivia buffs). It also contains hilarious attempts at portraying contemporary culture, in this case “punk” and “new wave” bands and fans. (Ah, 1980.) The soundtrack alone almost defies description, particularly the title track, which possibly could sound less like “new wave” in the same manner that a jelly doughnut possibly could work less like a hammer. New Year’s Evil does, however, include one reasonably successful rendition of the SHOCKING twist – out of two, the second one being fairly predictable. A good time all around, fun for the whole family! Not really much of a horror movie in any way!

why did i watch this movie?

People, it’s called “New Year’s Evil,” and it’s set at a holiday party/concert hosted by a “punk rock/new wave” media personality.

should you watch this movie?

I encourage you to watch this movie, presuming you know how to weigh my recommendations by now.

highlight and low point

The utter disgust and disdain for the “punk/new wave” types exhibited by the lead detective is absolutely priceless, real ripped-from-the-headlines veritas. I would say it’s a shame that this flick isn’t sleazier, but it might belie the Cannon brand if it were, so I’ll instead point out several convenient police procedural errors that are hard to miss.

rating from outer space: b

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