Killer’s Delight aka The Sport Killer aka The Dark Ride (1978)

directed by jeremy hoenack
hoenack productions

Tracking a serial killer who seems to be an amalgam of Ted Bundy and one of the Hillside Stranglers, a tough, no-nonsense cop consults a psychologist, who concocts a profile he shares with a cop buddy from a different jurisdiction. Meanwhile, trouble at home. And all these hitchhiking young girls keep turning up dead. Then some cat-and-mouse. A dangerous gambit. Finally, tough decisions; rough justice. More of a police procedural than a horror flick and largely lacking graphic detail – albeit with a scene involving nudity that seems spliced in from a different movie – it’s kind of hard to tell what was the target venue and/or audience for this one. It plays like a made-for-TV movie for the most part. The obligatory Gruff Police Captain sports some interesting haberdashery.

why did i watch this movie?

This title turned up when I was searching for some other assuredly worthwhile cinematic experience, and it appeared more of a sleazy exploitation-type cheapie than it turned out to be.

should you watch this movie?

I guess if you can’t find reruns of “Baretta” or “Kojak” or similar.

highlight and low point

The glorious essence of the 1970s is the most engaging feature of this presentation, and should not be discounted. Fashion, lifestyles, automobiles, mores … so much to enjoy. How The Sport Killer – who is not referred to as such at any time – suddenly finds himself vulnerable is deus ex machina par excellence.

rating from outer space: c-

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