Acolytes (2008)

directed by jon hewitt
stewart & wall entertainment

The story of three Troubled Teens – well, two of ’em, at least – who become enmeshed in a blackmail-and-murder triangle of sorts, this accomplished Australian venture turns progressively darker as it proceeds … and it starts off with a jarring, unpleasant scene. Every bit of the story seems to provide more psychological drama, which propels the narrative. The viewer is lured in further and further as the truths are revealed only bit by bit, and with a certain amount of misdirection, to boot. One of the SHOCKING twists in this one – there are several – actually is shocking, and another comes as a fairly big surprise as well. Unexpectedly good, this film succeeds largely through its portrayals of the teenagers; their complicated relationships with each other feel as though they are rendered accurately. The multifarious bait-and-switch maneuvers deftly executed by this production carry the day, however.

why did i watch this movie?

For a change of pace, I decided to go with a film laden with plaudits.

should you watch this movie?

This one’s pretty good, and it’s got an unorthodox slant. I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

highlight and low point

Pretty much every time I thought I knew where this picture was headed, it surprised me, and that’s not something I find myself experiencing a whole lot while watching all these horror flicks. One scene didn’t work at all for me because I found it implausible, and all of the action takes place in the span of just five days, which also seems a bit of a stretch at times.

rating from outer space: a-

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