The Woman (2011)

directed by lucky mckee

Okay. Well. The sequel to the previously discussed paragon of benevolence and good feelings Offspring, this lighthearted jest manages to outdo its predecessor in casting aspersions on the boundaries of human behavior. And that’s accomplished long before the revolting gore brightens things up. Starting its bleak portrayal of life in human society limning a few quirks and oddities, gradually revealing more depravity layer by layer and eventually producing complete incredulity, this movie is a skillful demonstration of how to achieve perfection in the art of shining a light on things your audience probably would have felt better never, ever seeing. A true sickie, horrible in almost every way by textbook definition.

why did i watch this movie?

I had been reading admiring takes of the strong responses this film provoked since shortly after its release.

should you watch this movie?

This celluloid entertainment is rife with distasteful orientations, taboo topics and inhumane actions. It is fairly  unflinching in its depictions, and occasionally seems as if it may be attempting to inject inappropriate touches of humor.

highlight and low point

Given what happens during the course of events in this picture, I am reluctant to endorse anything too enthusiastically lest I invite uncomfortable questions about my attitudes or opinions, but I will say I was impressed how the filmmakers handled their biggest obstacle – which is more or less the central focus, the captivity of the titular character in an outbuilding on a family’s rural estate. (Hint: this is how they lead us to a series of slowly dawning revelations.) The ending is a bit too pat, but after everything else that’s happened, it makes little difference. In a way, it even may underscore a certain sense of helplessness.

rating from outer space: a

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