Hypothermia (2010)

directed by james felix mckenney
glass eye pix/dark sky films

Featuring the absolute worst creature costume since at least the embarrassing Howard the Duck, this production derails itself by punching above its class, so to speak. Ambition is a fine, fine attribute to possess, but man, if you do not have the budgetary capabilities to make your mysterious and deadly lake predator look like anything but a guy wearing a rubber suit, you might want to consider taking your script in a different direction. (This applies even if making low-budget horror is your backer’s stated goal – and specialty, in the case of Larry Fessenden, overseer of Glass Eye Pix and its ScareFlix subsidiary, whose banner flies over Hypothermia.) The ultimate shame of it is that aside from a few acting performances that aren’t quite professional grade, this little ice fishing movie had some potential. It’s also a little shy on running time and has a non-ending to rival any other you’ve ever seen. And, possibly, to “top” it.

why did i watch this movie?

It sounded as though it would be the kind of schlock that is my general focus here. It was also low-rated, which I often find to be a compelling and effective lure. Pun intended.

should you watch this movie?

Although it isn’t the worst possible choice you could make, it doesn’t really distinguish itself in any honorable way.

highlight and low point

You don’t see too many movies with a focus on ice fishing, that’s for sure, and this one also has an admirable lack of sentimentality for its characters. On the other hand, the creature. The filmmakers try almost every trick in the book to disguise this egregious fault, too, but succeed only in calling  more attention to it.

rating from outer space: d-

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