Massacre at Central High (1976)

directed by renee daalder
evan company

Remember how you lived in fear of those kids at your high school who went, uh, hang gliding? You know – the ones who pushed everyone around and trashed the library. Oh, and tried to rape those weird hippie girls, and so forth. (Boy, that one kid had the grooviest custom van, though, didn’t he.) It was just such a shame about the poor kid, and the deaf one, and the fat one. Well, turns out what your school needed was a good allegory, as this excellent teensploitation film proves. A precursor to other films – scenes and characters herein must have served as inspiration for such celluloid classics as Heathers – and a predictor of symptoms of cultural decline (a kid in a TRENCH COAT perpetrates most of the mayhem in the latter half ), this production never fails to entertain. You may wonder how that’s possible at times, much as you may find the motivation of a few of the characters inscrutable, but ridiculous or not, it’ll hold your attention. Possibly its metaphorical qualities deserve the credit.

why did i watch this movie?

My brother texted me a link to an inordinately long trailer, which I took as a request.

should you watch this movie?

Have you enjoyed films such as Blackboard Jungle, Three O’Clock High, Class of 1984, the aforementioned Heathers, others of that ilk? If so, assuredly. (And if not, I can’t help you.)

highlight and low point

This picture features a bizarre scene at an alumni dance in which none of the characters appears to be dancing to the same music, leading me to wonder if any music was actually playing during the filming. Also, the focal character is chewing gum in almost every scene in which he appears. This does not appear to be germane to the plot.

rating from outer space: B+

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