Home Sweet Home (1981)

directed by nettie peÑa
intercontinental world distributing corp.

Yikes. Given this dreck, your intrepid movie guide is almost inclined to reconsider his grades for some of the other terrible films in this compendium, because this disaster is so awful that it makes duds such as Blood Harvest and Island of Blood seem like minor missteps. This stinker comes across like the result of an experiment: take components one normally associates with horror movies, blindfold somebody, and have him, her or it try to assemble said parts into a coherent whole. Hint: It “helps” if the actors cannot act, the vast stretches filmed in darkness are unlit or poorly lit – a “technique” one may remember fondly from “Scared Alive” – and the so-called “script” … may or may not exist. (Sample: Character leaves house, gets killed. Repeat with next character. ) Speaking of things that may or may not exist, this putrid mess has an honest-to-Pete score that disappears for much of the second half, making me wonder if the filmmakers forgot about it along with pacing, continuity, editing and cinematography. Body By Jake is the inexcusably aggravating PCP-addled killer in this terrible waste of time, and wow, I haven’t even mentioned the (presumably) KISS-inspired character appropriately named “The Mistake.” An embarrassment.

why did i watch this movie?

You know, in retrospect, I guess I shoulda gone with Deadly Intruder.

should you watch this movie?

Lordy, no. Have some self-respect.

highlight and low point

Early on, the crazed madman flagrantly kills an old lady with his car in a scene audacious enough for Troma. It’s all downhill from there. The Mistake is an unforgivably bad character, but his offense pales in comparison with the depiction of hopeful songstress Maria, a crude Latina stereotype.

rating from outer space: F−

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