Island of Death (1976)

directed by nick mastorakis
island films/omega pictures

One of the more perverse films you’re ever likely to see outside of niche porn, this notorious Greek exploitation picture revels in sadistic glee – often focusing directly upon said glee on the protagonists’ faces. One can only wonder the distasteful levels director (Nico) Mastorakis could have reached had this film been lensed in modern times. As it is, however, more than a few of the catalogue of murders depicted here may be somewhat difficult to stomach – literally, in the instance of the victim forced to drink paint. Honestly, as the perpetrators’ acts escalate, it sometimes feels as if the director had a list of moral or criminal offenses that he wanted to portray. [Editorial note: I just found this on IoD‘s official website: “After listing the most depraved sexual acts he could conceive, Mastorakis wrote the script in a week.”] The movie does have a working framework, however, along with an admittedly dark sense of humor, and never relents. All told, an accomplished feature debut. (Being reviled internationally IS an accomplishment.)

why did i watch this movie?

Obviously, I have difficulty ignoring such succinct nomenclature, and the blurbs promised an outré spectacle. Little did I know.

should you watch this movie?

It depends how much you appreciate what the exploitation genre has to offer – decapitation by bulldozer, anyone? – unless you’re in the mood for a travelogue of Mykonos.

highlight and low point

For such a lurid, low-budget creation, the zest infused in the characters by the cast is noteworthy. On the other hand, while this production flaunts to dramatic effect incest, rape, drug abuse, homosexuality, urophilia and other delights, this reviewer detests the thought of animal cruelty, so the scene involving the young goat’s molestation and slaughter was to his mindset unfortunate.

rating from outer space: c+

it’s Artistic, too!

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