The Initiation (1984)

directed by Larry stewart
georgian bay productions, ltd.

Let me say right up front, there’s no morgue or mausoleum in this picture, so I clearly had not paid careful enough attention during my film search. Thus prepared to be disappointed, I instead was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this slasher flick – especially as it wasn’t very promising at its onset. The sophomoric sorority subplot dissipates, however, and the family intrigue heightens, all while an amusingly amateurish sidebar screams out that the action is set in the mid-eighties. What really recommends this film, however, is the joyful overkill of the death scenes, replete with extra stabbings, copious blood, and a lot of screaming that is hysterical in whichever sense you prefer. To top it off, the SHOCKING ending is disguised cleverly enough that right as you’re about to put your finger on it, it’s standing right in front of you. And in addition, I’d bet the makers of Hide and Go Shriek enjoyed this movie, as their entertaining film bears certain similarities to this one.

why did i watch this movie?

As hinted above, I thought this was of the “characters have to spend the night in a morgue or mausoleum” line of horror, a category I’m eager to continue exploring.

should you watch this movie?

This is a fun horror film from the 1980s, nothing to take too seriously … but engaging enough that you won’t regret the choice, either.

highlight and low point

The subplot featuring the Psychology TA and his graduate assistant trying to unravel what’s behind Daphne Zuniga’s nightmares is completely ridiculous on any number of levels, just one of a handful of overcooked ideas presented here. Come to think of it, the whole feature is a collection of subplots. Parts, sum, whole, greater, etc.

rating from outer space: b

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