Deathwatch (2002)

directed by michael j. bassett
lions gate entertainment

More recent than the majority of the movies that will be discussed here, this offering is mainly psychological in effect, both for the characters and the audience. Set in the trenches of World War I, it very effectively conveys how miserable an experience that must have been. Besides the basic nature of trench warfare, wherein one is essentially fighting blind in claustrophobic conditions, it is cold and raining throughout almost the entire running time of the movie. This actually had a negative effect on the film’s verisimilitude, as I found myself thinking how unpleasant it must have been to act in it, thereby removing me from my immersion in its intended reality. Anyway, after a nighttime blitz, confusion ensues. By the time things get sorted out, you probably will have guessed the SHOCKING TWIST long before they get around to it onscreen. A pleasant surprise anyway, this one, as i just kind of stumbled across it while looking for more schlock to watch.

why did i watch this movie?

To be honest, because it sounded different from the schlock I usually watch, and also had the added novelty of being from the 21st century.

should you watch this movie?

That’s not such a bad idea – it’s probably better to see it thinking it’s a war picture or an action vehicle rather than a horror flick, though. Value added!

highlight and low point

Really, the absolutely bleak nature of the setting and environment so effectively leads the viewer toward each successive slice of despair and hopelessness that it’s an impressive accomplishment. A little predictable at times.

rating from outer space: b+

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