Life (2017)

directed by daniel espinosa
skydance media/columbia pictures

Whee! Hee hee! Yee-haw! This giddy space-station extravaganza is an FX-rich disaster film that shamelessly reminds one of numerous other similarly themed flicks (and actually is reminding this guy of 2011’s Apollo 18 right now as he’s thinking about it). You know the drill:

space vehicle needs rescued / look something’s alive in there whoops shouldna done that / oh no there goes Tokio                    next verse, same as the first

What recommends this version of that movie is the vicious perseverance demonstrated by the organism in question, and the increasing desperation of the dwindling crew attempting to thwart its advances. The ominous possibility that all of Planet Earth could be endangered is a nice touch. Race against time: undertaken! Noble acts: attempted! Predictable conclusion: delivered!

why did i watch this movie?

Had it been a while since I’d been reminded that in space, no one can hear you scream, that is the question. Unfortunately, I have no answers.

should you watch this movie?

It’s a good time. No, it’s not terribly original, but the inexorable alien malevolence is impressive.

highlight and low point

The situation aboard the space station gets seriously out of hand, and the escalating insanity of the at first preventative and then preemptive steps taken against the marauding extraterrestrial thing is fairly captivating. A lot of what occurs is standard actioner boilerplate, however, and spoiler alert but I rather doubt one would utilize a flamethrower aboard a space station regardless of threat level. I mean, just as an example.

rating from outer space: c-

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