Studio 666 (2022)

Directed by B. J. McDonnell
Roswell Films/Therapy Studios

All I can say for the reviewers that sniffed that this isn’t a very effective horror movie (or similar sentiments) is … I feel sorry that you can’t see past whatever biases you’re carrying around with you. And that I wish more bands did things like this. (And that there were still, you know, bands.) Heavily indebted to various chapters of the Evil Dead saga – and in my opinion, The New Scooby-Doo Movies – this picture showcases more than anything what is presumably the Foo Fighters’ healthy sense of the absurdities that underscore the mythologies behind their day jobs. Even the copious gore is cartoonish, for crying out loud. I mean, I think the point of this flick was to have fun, people. Fun, remember that?

Why Did I Watch This MOvie?

A movie about demonic possession afflicting a (real) band recording in a supposedly cursed location? How in HELL ( \m/ ) was I NOT going to watch it?

Should You Watch This Movie?

C’mon, you know you wanna see a movie Dave Grohl’s in that isn’t a punk doc or some other rock history piece. (It’s still mainly for music fans.)

Highlight and Low Point

So, the very night I finished watching this picture, I went to look up some pertinent information related to the “Dream Widow” record that accompanies it in the metaverse … and found then-breaking news that Taylor Hawkins had died in Colombia. (Yeah, I’ve fallen a little behind again.) Given the nature of the movie, I found that one weird coincidence. The DW LP has its moments. Malevolent presences in this production are budget versions of those in We Are Still Here. Viewing this led to my discovery that “Pat Smear” is married, and a parent.

Rating From Outer Space: B+

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